Marta Patrício Álvares

Digital content creator_


I write fictional and non-fictional educational pieces to be adapted to digital content. Most recent work includes writing for animated episodes of Woof & Joy, proofreading and editing B2B copies, marketing material and promotional content for FabApp.


Woof and Joy promotional banner
  • Crafted syllabus and vision for educational content
  • Ideation for app development, including design, layout, UX, and alpha test report
  • Scriptwriting for animated Woof & Joy episodes. View a work sample here
  • Wireframing game features and levels

Other bits and pieces

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I edit copy for websites, social media, video games, and other digital platforms, as well as review academic texts like theses and dissertations.

Audio Recording

Logo of 'Cardboard Studios', with the letters 'C' and 'S' written on the sides of an upside-down cardboard box.

Audio recording and editing using Ableton Lite software, Audio-technica microphone.

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